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Artistic Creations


"Business Profile Austin Texas wedding photography has a premier photography studio. Artistic Creations in Austin Texas offers spectacular wedding photography.  Leann Collins of Artistic Creations has been developing a distinctive style, that incorporates the fine art background Austin Texas has to offer, as well as the distinctive photography pioneered in several of the local preeminent photography schools. Leann Collins, previously has worked under Leann Collins Photography, as well as Affordable Photography or Affordable Photography of Austin Texas.  These business concepts evolved  into the present day Artistic Creations, as Leann Collins and her husband David Sefton have merged fine art into their wedding photography.  Leann Collins children photography in Austin Texas is noted for its distinctive style, capturing the inner child, and holding that memory for a lifetime.  David Sefton has developed distinctive styles in advertising and commercial photography crossing over and offering advertising concepts that are developed into his photographic themes.  David Sefton serves as both an advertising and marketing consultant as well as an accomplished photographer. Leann Collins Photography through her Artistic Creations also offers Austin, Central Texas, San Antonio and Dallas stunning family photography at affordable prices. Although not cheap, she offers many special offers and bargains that makes family photographs affordable. Artistic Creations headshots provide the prospective artist or actor high impact headshots for Austin Texas that stand out in a crowd. David Sefton Photography Austin Texas, part of Artistic Creations Austin, is known for its fine art photography.   Currently his work can be viewed at the Turquoise Trading Post Gallery. Leann Collins as an Austin wedding photographer, continues to offer a wide range of photographic services in Austin.  Leann Collins offers black and white wedding photography, photojournalist wedding photography, traditional wedding photography and many other services.  Leann Collins also offers legal photography, sometimes known as forensic photography to assist law firms in legal cases.  She has done work for Fullbright and Jaworsky and several other large law firms in town.  The work covers personal injury cases to patent infringement cases.  She is an expert witness in federal courts as to value of digital photographic images infringed on the internet.