A person can do many things in life. I am truly blessed to be a wedding photographer. It is so rewarding. I have been a photographer for over 7 years. I only do photography, this isn’t a part time job, and more importantly it isn’t just a career, it is a passion. I was lucky enough to study photography at one of the top photography school in the country and was mentored by one of the great American photographers, Lynn Jones. He is truly legendary, and every aspect of my photography is affected by his wisdom and love of the art.
Weddings are special. My husband David, also a photographer, and I have been married for over 12 years. Each wedding I shoot is a re-affirmation of my love for him, his love for me, and our relationship. If I was a billionaire, I would do weddings for free. I love them, I love the drama, I love the romance, the traditions, the wedding cake (can’t help it), the dresses, my brides - everything about weddings, I love. Weddings are the beginning of life. Two people, become one: they start life with hopes and dreams; they grow together, they create families, they become the bedrock of our culture and future generations. And there I am, at the beginning, creating the art of their romance. My art last lifetimes. In that, my wedding art, I create what survives time - Love. I create a visual imagery of your love. The most important human emotion is visually captured, and brought to life in a ceremony older than history. I consider it a documentary of life. Weddings, especially for us as women, are the most important event of life.
For me, it is an honor to be part of my brides’ life altering, and life affirming tradition. For me, every weekend, is a re-affirmation of my relationship. I have a saying, if you don’t cry at every wedding you shoot, then you’re just doing it for money, not for your soul.

Who are we?
David and I are eclectic. We have many varied interest and have traveled most of the world through our photography. We do not limit ourselves to a particular type of photography, and our body of work is extremely broad. Our fine art photography is extensive, broad, and crosses many disciplines. We refuse to be categorized, or limit our art. One of the most depressing, and I suppose flattering, aspects of our photography is that it is stolen so much. Traveling is one of the primary focuses of our life. We live a modest lifestyle; have few if any debts, so that we can travel a large part of the year. Of course our children are our other focus. We have two wonderful kids, a daughter in college studying to be a teacher, and a boy in high school.
Conservation is important to us. We have one of the largest captive breeding programs in the world for red lories. A type of Indonesian parrot going extinct in the wild. David is a nationally recognized speaker on single species conservation breeding projects. He has traveled all over the United States giving talks. He also has been a columnist in a national magazine. He wrote one of the most important technical papers on the species ever published. I administer the program, helped write and shoot the photography. Many people wonder how we got into this project.
The real question, though, is why do we think this it’s important? In 1887 the first parrot was bred in captivity. Shortly thereafter, this parrot became the most prolific species to breed in captivity. The species was successfully bred in the London, Dresden, Cologne, Paris, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Washington DC zoo’s just to name a few. By 1917 the species was extinct. This species was the Carolina Parakeet the only species of parrot native to the United States. As individuals we decided that we couldn’t save all species but if each of us chose one species we could save that one. This is an important part of our life, and our mission as stewards. We are preserving a gene pool till a more enlightened society decides to protect their natural treasures.
We have both had a number of interesting life experiences. David is an author, and is currently writing his first novel. He is a former University professor and has a masters degree. His background is varied. He has been a photographer for over 20 years starting in underwater photography. He has been a business consultant and marketing guru. He runs our business like a ship, a tight ship. He always has an infinite number of projects going and works harder than any man I have ever known. My background in more varied. I have worked in a number of jobs, but David put me through college so I could become a photographer. It is one of the greatest things I have ever done. An education is the greatest gift one can give someone. It has opened my eyes and allowed me to be what I always imagined of myself. I have been in photography directly for over ten years now. My specialty is formal portraiture of brides, close up of flowers and impressionistic photographic art. I can also be considered a master printer. David’s chosen specialty is monument photography, or fine art scenes involving archeologically significant sites. His goal is to put together a work and exhibition on all the Anasazie ruins in the Southwest.
With all we do it is hard to just relax. We don’t watch television, we enjoy reading. David loves history and fantasy, I enjoy many types of novels. Films are great, however we never seem to get away to see all of them. We greatly enjoy fine dining with good friends and great conversation. We of course love nature and try to get away as much as possible just to relax, one of our favorite locations is Balmorea in west Texas, literally a desert oasis. Isla Muejers in Mexico has been a favored get away for years.

My Photography

Life is my canvas, and my camera its brush. Life moves so fast, and children are here today, and tomorrow their grown up. The moments pass so quickly. As a photographer I hate to say, I have missed so many of these moments with my children. They are almost grown now, and it was just yesterday they were toddlers. It goes so fast. I create art with memories. I strive to catch children - for your minds eye, so that you can always keep them exactly the way you remember them. Those special smiles, those special looks, so they will never dim over time. You will always have your memories.

We have always heard a picture is worth a thousand words. They are more, far more than that. A casting call - a thousand headshots, ten thousand headshots. Why does the next guy get the big break, and the other nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine people don’t? Photographic charisma. That one head shot that stands out from the rest. I seek to raise head shots to a new level. I try to create dramatic tension in my headshots, as well as capturing your essence. What you want to portray, what you need to portray. Will you get the call back with just my head shots, sometimes. But why be one of the nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine, that definitely doesn’t have a chance. Walk in proud, confident, and sure you have done all you can for that one big break. Most people never know how close they came to that one decision that changed someone’s life. Line up your cards as best you can, and then give it your best. I am here to make you stand out.

Your pictures are more than just images in a folder. They are what you are. You will have them forever. Can you make it modeling? Sure, if you follow my advice - no problem. Size, height, age doesn’t matter; people from all walks are in advertisements every day. What does it take to be successful? Great pictures? Actually no. It takes dependability foremost. Too many models are flakes. A model that can arrive on time, without ever missing an appointment, without drama, is nine tenths of the way there. One of my portfolios helps, but you can be the most beautiful woman the world, and if you can’t make appointments, it will never happen for you. Time is money for everyone involved. My photographic work is crafted around you. It brings out your strong points, shows your potential, creates drama, and establishes you as a professional. It is the starting point for a successful career, along with hard work, and dependability. I started my career as a model. I know what I am talking about. I beat out younger, more attractive women simply because I was dependable and showed up on time, a real novel trait in the industry.

You only graduate from high school once. We do the traditional pictures everyone expects, but I also try to catch the real you. What is important to you, that favorite place, favorite sport, something that is distinctly and uniquely you. It is a memory for your parents, and for you. As with all memories, I know they are sacred, and strive to create art that will be with you always.

Families are important. We are all so busy; it’s so hard to get everyone together to do formal portraits. I seek to create heirlooms. Art that will pass through generations. Through classical composition, environmental techniques, I seek to create fine wall art that is centered around the family. My work is suitable for framing and becoming a dominate piece in your home celebrating your family. Freezing a moment in time for you to have with you always. Family art, as time passes becomes one of yours, then your children, and then your grandchildren most prized possession. It will be with your family always - therefore, I seek to make it memorable.

Boudoirs, or sexy pictures, are extremely intimate to us as women. We are all worried about our flaws and imperfections. What will someone think, what will they see, how will I look? Because of my own figure, I have learned to create art from the female form. I am a master at focusing the view on your best features, hiding imperfections we all have, and emphasizing your beauty. I use judicious use of shadow, fabrics, and textures to create compositions that promises much: shows little, and creates a sensual theme. My subjects leave my studio having had fun, and most importantly feeling liberated. All women are truly beautiful, and this isn’t just a cliché. We shouldn’t repress ourselves because we are made to feel overweight or unattractive. Each of us is entitled to our moment of sensuality. To remember us as we want to be forever.

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